SCAL/HI Regional Nursing Research

Nursing Research Program

Strategic topics addressed by the projects include women’s health, patient safety, pain management, adolescent health, and patient satisfaction.

Nursing Research Program’s Goals

  • Provide the systematic study and evaluation of nursing practice and patient care.
  • Develop evidence-based practice.
  • Implement nursing research projects and disseminate findings back into nursing practice.
  • Support nursing research partnerships with academic, public, and industry partners that enhance the innovative development and distribution of nursing knowledge for the benefit of the professional health care community.

Supporting Nursing Research

The Research Program is working to achieve these goals by encouraging nursing research in facilities throughout California. We support research by:

  • Funding nursing research projects
  • Providing consulting on projects from experienced nurse researchers
  • Educating staff on how to engage in research activities
  • Networking and sharing results
  • Providing sponsorships at national nursing meetings

If you are a nurse, and interested in participating the Nursing Research Committee, please reach out to us.

Annual Reports

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2022 Annual Report INFOGRAPHIC

2021 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report INFOGRAPHIC

2020 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report INFOGRAPHIC

2020 Mid-Year Outcomes INFOGRAPHIC

2019 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report INFOGRAPHIC

2018 Annual Report

2018 Annual Report INFOGRAHIC

2017 Annual Report

2016 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report

2010 / 2011 Annual Report

2009 Annual Report

2008 Annual Report

Our Nursing Research Program Team Members

Lina Najib Kawar, PhD, RN, CNS, Nurse Scientist
Regional Director of Nursing Research SCAL/HI 
Translational Research Southern California Nursing Research Program

Regina M. Valdez, MA
Senior Research Analyst

Quincyann Tsai, MSN, RN
Regional Nursing Research and EBP Consultant