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Proactive Purposeful Nurse Rounding Tools

Purposeful rounding by staff, managers, and senior nursing leadership contributes to an enhanced patient care experience.  This proactive patient-centric activity includes hourly patient rounds by staff, weekly staff and patient rounding by nurse managers, and regularly scheduled unit rounding by executive nurse leaders. Evidence-based tools and processes are needed to structure a standardized approach to rounding.  Done properly, purposeful rounding improves the patient/family care experience and promotes nurse engagement at all organizational levels. Please click on the links below to find generic rounding tools for staff, nurse educators, nurse managers, and senior nurse leaders.  These tools can be modified to fit any healthcare setting.

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Tools (click on tool to open):

Rounding Tools 1:  Introduction to Rounding

Rounding Tools 2: Senior Leader Rounding for Directors

Rounding Tools 3: Managing Rounding for Direct Reports

Rounding Tools 4: Senior Leaders Rounding for the Organization Departments

Rounding Tools 5: Managers Rounding for Inpatients


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