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Literature Reviews/ Evidence Summaries


  • Use of Awake Prone Positioning on COVID-19 Patients. A Bridge Review on the Evidence (June 2020- September 2021) (PDF)
  • Evidence for Successful Implementation and Protocols of Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) A Review of the Literature (PDF)


  • Prone Positioning for Adults with COVID-19 Receiving High Flow Oxygen via Nasal Cannula (PDF)
  • Wellness Programs to Promote Resiliency and Health during the COVID-19 Pandemic (PDF)


  • Frequency of Routine Vital Signs and Re-assessment for Adults in Acute Care  (PDF)
  • Nitrous Oxide for Pain Management in Laboring Women (PDF)


  • Palliative Physical Cares in the Critical Care Unit: A Literature Review of the Evidence (PDF)
  • Early Warning Systems for Adult Inpatients: A Scoping Review of the Literature (PDF)
  • Peanut Ball Use by Women in Labor: A Review of the Literature (PDF)


  • Nurse Leader Rounding: An Evidence Review (PDF)
  • Family Presence and Open Visiting Hours for Pediatric, PICU, & NICU Patients (PDF)


  • Job Retention Strategies for Nurses Eligible for Retirement (PDF)
  • Nurse to Nurse Shift Report Essential Elements and Processes (PDF)


  • Telehealth and Home Telemonitoring Literature Review
    • Telehealth and Home Telemonitoring- Executive Summary (PDF)
    • Telehealth and Home Telemonitoring- Structure, Process, Outcomes (PDF)
  • Pain Management Programs: A Review of the Literature
    • Pain Management Programs- Executive and Topic Summary (PDF)
    • Pain Management Programs- Structure, Process, Outcomes (PDF)


  • Early Mobilization and Deep Vein Thrombosis (PDF)
  • Physician-Nurse Verbal Orders: A Review of the Literature
    • Physician-Nurse Verbal Orders- Topic Summary (PDF)
    • Physician-Nurse Verbal Orders- Executive Summary (PDF)
  • Off ECG Monitor Intrahospital Transport of Telemetry Patients (PDF)


  • Effectiveness of Noncontact Low- Frequency Ultrasound (aka MIST Therapy) (PDF)
  • Double-Checks for Medications (PDF)
  • Lower Body Temperature Limit – Hypothermia (PDF)
  • Cardiac Monitoring Documentation (PDF)
  • Mobility 2013-2014:
    • Mobility Best Practice Strategies- Executive Summary (PDF)
    • Mobility Best Practice Strategies- Final Summary (PDF)
    • Mobility Evidence Summary- Definitions, Operationalize, and Measurements from the Evidence  (PDF)
    • Mobility  Tools , Scales and Instruments Evidence Summary (PDF)
    • Mobility Tools, Scales and Instruments Psychometrics Grid (PDF)
    • Patient Outcomes and Cost Savings for Ambulation and Mobility Programs:
      A Summary of the Evidence (PDF)


  • The Prevalence of Malnutrition for Hospitalized Patients in an Acute Care Setting (PDF)


  • Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers in the ICU: Cost (PDF)
  • Hospital Patient Flow for Adult Acute Care Patients (PDF)
  • Effectiveness of Oxygen use for Non-Hypoxic Hospice Patients (PDF)
  • Effectiveness of TENS units for Patients with Low Back Pain (PDF)


  • Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers in ICU: Incidence, Prevalence and Cost (PDF)


  • Telemetry Monitoring Alarm Fatigue (PDF)

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